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Wine roads of Etna


E-bike tours along the “wine roads of Etna”, this itinerary is also suitable for the less trained people who can appreciate the pleasures of good wine and good food.

Cycling along the wine roads of Etna is a different and enjoyable way to explore, at a slow pace, the beauty of an area rich in traditions and natural sites.

The route winds along the middle-mountain belt of the volcano, passing through characteristic villages, including Milo, the city of wine and music, and S. Alfio, where you will find the famous chestnut “Castagno dei cento cavalli,” a centuries-old tree wrapped in legend. Here, you can explore the Museum of Vine and Wine, where you will take a dip into authentic and almost disappeared Sicily.

Finally, continue through secondary roads and low-traffic routes to visit the vineyards and wine cellars of renowned wineries, where you can enjoy a well-deserved tasting of wines and local products.

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