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Welcome to your new adventure
- April 2024 from 22 to 28 -

Eastern Sicily bike way

An unforgettable bike trip that will take you to explore Eastern Sicily.


A tour to ride and enjoy in a group with an expert guide. Cycle along the coast, admire the volcano Etna and discover the baroque pearls along the toute, symbols of Sicily.

GPS Track

Follow the path without missing anything. This is a GUIDED bike tour, along selected secondary and low-traffic roads through the most beautiful villages of Eastern Sicily.


We are ready to accommodate your requests with dedicated additional services, to make you enjoy a carefree journey, with all the services designed for you.


From the beginning of this adventure, you will be personally responsible and it will be up to you to observe the utmost caution along the 537 km between you and the arrival point.

The event

Eastern Sicily bike way

A tour that will reveal unique and intense scenarios. You will explore by bike the most beautiful cities and villages of Eastern Sicily, you will feel the golden heat of the Sicilian sun, and observe the prestigious late-baroque art and architecture that characterizes the island.

Travel safely

Start this journey in the footsteps of your guide. Choose our BASIC PACKAGE that includes registration, luggage transport, bike friendly hotels and gadgets, or select one or more of the following tailored services to make it easier to organize your tour.

Basic package


Embark on this journey, guided by a professional two-wheeler.

Luggage transportation

Your luggage will move safely and arrive at the accommodation.


Best accommodations for you and your bike with breakfast included.


Receive as a gift the exclusive technical t-shirt of Biking Sicily.

Extra services

Bike rental

You can choose to rent a traditional or electric bike.


We can provide you with all the necessary accessories, kits or tools.

Single use room

Ask for a single room with a supplement.


Transfer service from/to the airport or the stations to the Hotel.

The itinerary

Day 1 - from Catania to Piedimonte Etneo

The first stage of our itinerary starts from the enchanting city of Catania, located on the east coast of Sicily. The route stretches for about 60 km north along the coast, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful Sicilian coast touched by the Ionian Sea.

The first point of interest on the route is the village of Aci Castello, an ancient fishing village whose name is linked to the majestic Norman castle built on a basalt rock overlooking the Ionian Sea. Just a few kilometers later, we come across Aci Trezza, famous for the suggestive Faraglioni of the Cyclops that emerge from the sea, recalling the mythological legends.

Continuing the journey towards Taormina, we reach the old town located at the foot of Mount Taurus, riding for about 30 minutes. From Taormina, we start the descent southwards for a short distance. Then, we take the climb that will lead us to Piedimonte Etneo, a charming village that is part of the route of the Strada dei Vini Etnei.

Duration: 05h30
Distance: 72,2 km
Elevation gain: 1,050 m
Altitude difference: 710 m

Day 2 - from Piedimonte Etneo to Bronte

The second day of the tour begins in Piedimonte Etneo, a charming town at the foot of Mount Etna, characterized by picturesque narrow streets, traditional houses, and welcoming squares. Its strategic location offers spectacular views of the imposing peaks of Mount Etna and the surrounding landscape.

After cycling a few kilometers, you reach Linguaglossa, one of the largest towns in the northeast area of Mount Etna. From here, heading towards the Mareneve road, located about 1000 meters above sea level and crossing ancient lava flows, you will reach Randazzo, a medieval town. Known for its well-preserved historic center, rich in numerous medieval buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, charming squares, and buildings made of lava stone, along with several noteworthy churches, including the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, an impressive structure with a tall bell tower and a Gothic-style façade.

Continuing the journey towards Bronte, globally renowned as the city of pistachios, you enjoy a spectacular panorama offered by the northern slope of Mount Etna and the Nebrodi Mountains, providing an unforgettable visual experience.

Approximate duration: 3h40
Distance: 41.2 km
Ascent: 960 m
Descent: 340 m


Day 3 - from Bronte to Ramacca

The third stage begins in Bronte. During the descent, the route passes through characteristic pistachio plantations, immersing you in an enchanting environment. Along the way, you come across the picturesque “Ponte dei Saraceni,” a civil structure dating back to the Middle Ages, adding a touch of history to the journey. After crossing the bridge, the ride continues towards Centuripe, a charming village with Greco-Roman origins known as the “balcony of Sicily” for its spectacular panoramic view. The extended descent and some flat stretches guide you through picturesque and captivating landscapes. The route then proceeds to Ramacca, an agricultural town renowned for the cultivation of the violet artichoke, a prized variety found worldwide. The rural atmosphere and the charm of the plantations contribute to making this part of the journey an authentic and engaging experience.

Approximate duration: 5h30
Distance: 81.7 km
Ascent: 970 m
Descent: 1,650 m

Giorno 4 - da Ramacca a Vizzini

L’itinerario parte da Ramacca per circa 25 km in direzione di Caltagirone, una città situata tra i monti Erei e gli Iblei, celebre per la sua produzione di ceramica. Uno dei punti salienti è la Scalinata di S. Maria del Monte, composta da 142 scalini decorati in ceramica, un vero spettacolo artistico da non perdere.

Proseguendo il viaggio, ci dirigiamo verso Grammichele, una città caratterizzata da una pianta perfettamente esagonale, per poi raggiungere Vizzini. Quest’ultima è posizionata sulle colline dei monti Iblei e ospita il suggestivo borgo settecentesco di Cunziria. Questo borgo è famoso perché Giovanni Verga immaginò qui lo svolgersi del duello finale nella novella “Cavalleria Rusticana“.

Durata circa: 04:58
Distanza: 68,3 km
Dislivello in salita: 960 m
Dislivello in discesa: 660 m

Day 5 - from Vizzini to Pozzallo

You will bid farewell to Vizzini heading towards Monterosso Almo, a small town nestled among the Iblei Mountains. Along a charming unpaved path surrounded by greenery, you will encircle Monterosso Almo for about 3 km at the base of the mountains. This part of the route offers breathtaking panoramic views and an immersive experience in nature.

The journey continues towards Giarratana, marking the beginning of the Baroque itinerary. Crossing this locality and proceeding in the same direction, you will traverse the two tongues of Lake Santa Rosalia, adding a touch of scenic beauty to your itinerary.

The next stage will take you to Ibla, the ancient district of Ragusa, renowned for its wealth of Baroque churches and buildings. The Cathedral of San Giorgio is one of the main attractions in this area, offering a fascinating dive into history and architecture.

Continuing, the route will lead you through the beautiful Baroque towns of Modica, also famous for the ancient technique used in the production of its chocolate, probably of Aztec origin, and Scicli. Both of these locations are known for their well-preserved Baroque architecture and provide a unique overview of the culture and history of the area.

Finally, the journey concludes with the last 25 km towards Pozzallo, an important maritime locality in southern Sicily.

Approximate duration: 6 hours
Distance: 89.1 km
Ascent: 1,090 m
Descent: 1,660 m

Day 6 - from Pozzallo to Syracuse

The itinerary begins in Pozzallo and heads west towards the charming seaside hamlet of Marzamemi. This locality has developed around the tuna fishery and the residence of the noble Villadorata family, offering a fascinating atmosphere rich in history linked to tuna fishing.

From Marzamemi, the route continues towards the Vendicari Nature Reserve, a protected area that provides a unique natural landscape and the opportunity to observe local fauna and flora. From here, the journey proceeds to Noto, the capital of the late Sicilian Baroque and a UNESCO site since 2002. Noto is renowned for its majestic Baroque buildings, churches, and noble palaces dating back to the 8th century.

The route continues through Avola and heads towards the beautiful and wild Gelsomineto Beach. This beach offers breathtaking views and the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Sicilian coastline.

The itinerary then continues until reaching Ortigia, the historic center of the city of Syracuse. Ortigia is an island connected to the mainland by a bridge and is characterized by narrow medieval streets, charming squares, and significant historical sites that bear witness to the city’s history with the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs. Make sure to visit the Cathedral of Syracuse, the Temple of Apollo, and the Fountain of Arethusa.

Approximate duration: 6 hours
Distance: 89.5 km
Ascent: 590 m
Descent: 590 m

Day 7 - from Siracusa to Catania

The last stage of your itinerary begins with exploring the heart of Syracuse (Ortigia) to admire the majestic Temple of Apollo and the scenic Cathedral Square, dominated by the splendid Baroque and Rococo Cathedral. Continuing north, the route crosses the Natural Reserves of Saline di Priolo and the Foce del Simeto, offering an immersive experience of the natural beauty of these places.

The ride along the final stretch of the Playa coast will lead to the historic center of Catania.

Catania, rich in baroque architecture, provides a fascinating backdrop with the City Hall, the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha, and the Bellini Theater. In the heart of Cathedral Square stands the Elephant Fountain, a sculpture from 1736 characterized by a white stone obelisk positioned on the back of an iconic lava stone elephant “U liotru”, which has become the symbol of the city.

Approximate duration: 6h30
Distance: 94.9 km
Ascent: 520 m
Descent: 510 m

The track


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