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Cycle path of the Sicilian Natural Parks - STANDARD


Merging a love for cycling with the desire to explore Sicily independently opens the door to discovering rich customs, folklore, and cultural and culinary heritage—one of the most diverse in the world—amidst unique landscapes. Enthusiasts of two-wheeled journeys will encounter a variety of scenic wonders on this magnificent island, from the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts to the volcanic expanse of Mount Etna, and from beautiful beaches to captivating cliffs, all while delving into an enchanting hinterland. The Ciclovia dei Parchi di Sicilia offers the perfect route for those seeking to traverse a path connecting all four major Nature Parks.


Day 1 - from Giardini Naxos to Randazzo

The first stage begins from Giardini Naxos and covers a total length of about 75 km, leading to Randazzo. Starting from the railway station of Giardini Naxos, after about 20 km, the first village encountered along the route will be Francavilla di Sicilia, home to important cultural sites such as the Antiquarium and the Convent of the Capuchin Friars, and one of the access points to the Gurne dell’Alcantara.

After an equal distance, you will reach Castiglione di Sicilia, designated as one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” in 2017, where you can find the Church of Santa Domenica, one of the oldest Byzantine cubes in Sicily. After about 8 km, you will arrive in Linguaglossa, a town rich in churches of high artistic and cultural value, and also known for typical culinary products such as sausage cut on the stump and prestigious wines. From here, continuing for about 35 km, you will enter the heart of Etna Park along the Altomontana Trail 701 and then complete the journey in Randazzo, where you can still experience the medieval atmosphere of the place.

Duration: about 05:00 h
Distance: about 60 km
Elevation gain: 1,260 m
Altitude difference: 510 m

Day 2 - from Randazzo to Cerami

From Randazzo begins the second stage in the heart of the Nebrodi Park that, with a total length of 60 km, leads to Cerami. After about 30 km you will reach Cesarò, a village known for its typical dairy products, and then continue towards the nearby village of San Teodoro. The route will continue along the SP 167 arriving, after about twenty km, on the shores of Lake Ancipa, you’ll finally head to Cerami.

Duration: about 05:00 h
Distance: about 60 km
Elevation gain: 1,250 m
Vertical drop: 1,040 m

Day 3 - from Cerami to Petralia Sottana

From Cerami begins the third stage, about 55 km long, which marks the entry into the Madonie Park with arrival at Petralia Sottana. The first stretch of about 16 km will arrive in Nicosia, also called “City of 24 barons”, which boasts a rich artistic and cultural heritage with its famous cathedral and many churches of architectural depth. From here, along the SP 20 for about 10 km, you will pass by Sperlinga, a village inserted in the list of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, famous for its rock castle and visited by undertaking a series of hairpin bends. Continuing for about 17 km you will arrive in Gangi, winner of “the most beautiful village in Italy” in 2014 and recognized as a Municipality “Jewel of Italy” by the presidency of the ministers in 2012, where you can immerse yourself in its still lively medieval atmosphere. Another 15 km to go to reach Petralia Sottana, the final destination of this stage. Not to forget the historic village Petralia Soprana, the oldest part of the country, winner of the “most beautiful village in Italy” in 2018 for the maintenance of its medieval soul.

Duration: about 03:30 h
Distance: about 55 km
Elevation gain: 1,240 m
Altitude difference: 1,220 m

Day 4 - from Petralia Sottana to Castelbuono

From Petralia Sottana begins the fourth stage, about 60 km long, which runs along the Madonie Park, arriving in Castelbuono. After about 8 km you will reach Castellana Sicula and then Polizzi Generosa, an attribute given by Frederick II who was amazed by the hospitality of the inhabitants. After about 25 km you will reach Collesano, famous for the archaeological site of Monte d’Oro and the Museum dedicated to the Targa Florio, the oldest endurance car race in the world. After 10 km you will arrive in Isnello, home to the famous Madonie Astronomical Park. The last 10 km will lead to Castelbuono, the final destination of the stage.

Duration: about 04:15 h
Distance: about 62 km
Elevation gain: 1,150 m
Altitude difference: 1,750 m

Day 5 - from Castelbuono to Cefalù

The fifth and last stage of the itinerary will reach, after about 36 km, the northern coast bringing to the end of the tour in Cefalù.

Starting from Castelbuono, a town of great historical and artistic heritage, where the Ventimiglia Castle and the famous Civic Museum stand out; you will depart through the Madonie Park. Along the way, you can admire the village of Gratteri, a true pearl of beauty, history, and culture. From here you you will arrive in Cefalu’, a beautiful medieval village overlooking the sea and included among the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. The main church (the Duomo) has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Duration: about 03:00 h
Distance: about 36 km
Elevation gain: 960 m
Altitude difference: 1,320 m

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