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a Full circuit of Mt. Etna by MTB with a guide


Meeting point: Baita Euro Etna Tourism – Etna South at 10:00 AM; departure at 10:30 AM

This mountain bike excursion along the Altomontana trail of Mount Etna is a must for every mountain biking enthusiast.

The excursion allows you to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Mount Etna’s Altomontana trail. It’s not just a mountain bike tour; it’s a way to connect with “Mother Etna” and embrace all her wonders from every angle. The Altomontana trail provides a constantly changing backdrop, and every kilometer traversed is an opportunity to discover new spectacular vistas.

The landscape accompanying the bikers transforms continuously with each kilometer, offering a series of visual and natural surprises. From ancient forests to the indelible marks of past eruptions, each moment presents a different spectacle, fueling wonder and admiration for the strength and beauty of nature.

Riding this trail provides a privileged view of all sides of the volcano. Along the route, you pass through welcoming forest bivouacs, traverse more or less recent lava flows, explore caves formed by lava flows, and encounter hornitos and side craters. Each stretch of the path reveals a new facet of the volcano, providing a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond simple pedaling.

The mountain bike tour concludes in the picturesque Zafferana Etnea. The return transfer to the meeting point is included, allowing participants to mentally relive the magical moments just experienced.

Full Altomontana Trail

Difficulty: Difficult
Total distance: 80.84 km
Elevation gain: 963 m
Duration: approximately 7/8 hours

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€ 98

each person

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