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Etna Cycling to the Top + gravity downhill


This captivating tour commences on the southern side of Mt. Etna at Baita Euro Etna Tourism (Etna South.). Following a 10:00 AM rendezvous with your guide, the journey kicks off at 10:30 AM, leading you through an enthralling e-mtb route weaving among ancient craters and recent lava flow rocks.

Ascend to the highest permitted altitudes under the guidance of our expert staff, relishing an extraordinary panorama that unfolds before you taking in the summit craters of Etna, the expanse of the Ionian Sea, and the charming Valle del Bove.

The descent from the peak, spanning 2100 meters in altitude, unfolds along a sandy track, injecting an exhilarating dose of adrenaline with a single-trail enduro experience. The sensation of descending through volcanic landscapes, and the wind caressing your face, transforms this segment of the tour into an unforgettable moment.

As the adventure concludes, a mechanized ascent returns you to the original starting point, completing the journey.

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€ 150

each person

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